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Code Quality Reporting


Klocwork Overview


Static Code Analysis Seminar

Klocwork Development Testing

Klocwork static analysis is designed to help developers easily find and fix quality and security problems early in the development cycle, as the code is being written, without impacting time to market, cost or customer satisfaction.

Development testing augments traditional testing and QA functional testing by providing development teams with a quick and easy way to test their code for defects in a non-intrusive manner, so development stays focused on innovation, management gets visibility into problems early in the cycle to make better decisions, and the business continues to deliver high quality products to market for competitive advantage.

Klockwork identifies the most critical bugs in your C/C++, Java, and C# codebases, in a multi-user, multi-branch, local and central environments.

  • Fixing Defects during Development is much cheaper and faster than fixing defects found in QA.
  • Letting an automatic tool find defects, free developer time to innovate, and QA time to more functional testing.
  • Managing the defects the automatic tool finds, is as important as finding them. Coverity includes it.
  • Low False-Positive alarms is the key to successful adoption by developers. Coverity is focused on finding real defects with minimal False-Positive noise.