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How AppDynamics helps Ex Libris


Business Transaction Monitoring

AppDynamics organizes all activity in your distributed web application into “business transactions.” These are used as the primary unit of monitoring and troubleshooting, and provide much better insight than a traditional focus on server-centric management: they enable us to be uniquely suitable for today’s highly distributed applications where transaction requests execute across multiple servers.

  • Java and .NET Deep-Dive into Code provides deeper visibility into your application
  • Auto-Discovery to cope with Change: Automatically discover and map your application topology.
  • Business Transaction Level Monitoring: Correlated visibility at transaction, infrastructure, and code-levels.
  • Auto-Baseline, to save setup work: We baseline the performance of your Application.
  • Monitoring for Production: We detect problems when they occur with less than 2% overhead.
  • Be ProActive: We self-learn the performance of your application, we’re able to detect deviations from normal.