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Implementating ALM


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Implementation services

ALM, Agile, and DevOps addresses challenges across the different application life cycle activities, such as:

  • Traceability of changing requirements during the project.
  • Communication gap between Market, Product Management, Development and QA.
  • Quality, reliability and adequate testing
  • Visibility of the project status to drive predictable delivery
  • Multi-Team development of portfolio and product variants.
  • Developer productivity
  • Build Automtion and Continues integration.
  • Depoyment automation and for frequent releases.
  • Application level production monitoring for fast feedback loop.

Introducing an ALM or DevOps strategy to your organization can help improve business results and provide additional competitive advantage. End-to-End processes review, tools and best practices will help to scale, keep or improce quality and overall product delivery capabilities. A key requirement when getting started is to understand your organization’s current strengths and weaknesses when it comes to product development and project delivery. Based on those you can determine where and how to adapt. Successful implementation are based on close partnership. It must be in line with your organization’s specific needs and maturity level and provide tangible improvements to the current development life cycle within 3-6 months.

Introducing the developed ALM or DevOps strategy takes time. Therefore, it should be implemented iteratively by phasing in changed processes and new best practices over time.

Manageware developed the “THINK” implementation framework. We examine every activity, decision, solution design on these 5 dimensions:

  • BizValue
  • Trade-Offs
  • Principles
  • Activities&Roles
  • Technology