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ALM Integrations Webinar


What is there to Integrate?


MW’s Integrations

To assist in maximizing your team value from thier development tools, Manageware acts as the “Glue” that brings all the tools togethter to become a platform that supports a streamlined processes.
Integrating tools enables teams to truly automate processes and govern their execution.

Manageware approach is “just-enough” integration. We deeply examine the neccecity of each integration request and work in a 2 phase model.

We use many existing off-the-shelf integrations between tools, and develop integration ones that are missing and necessary for process support.

Many organizations, over-integrate tools, go into enormous effort and hardly use much of the integrations functionality.

Some common off-the-shelf integrations are:

RRC to MS-Word, RTC to MS-Project, DOORS to HP QC, RTC to SVN.

Popular Integrations