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What is Requirements Management?

Requirement Management Overview

Requirements Management is the process of gathering, elicitation, prioritizing, refining an tracing Stakeholder needs through the different development phases.

There are several different types of requirements for example:
  1. Product Features
  2. System Requirements
  3. Design Requirements
  4. Test Requirements
Different types of requirements usually refine or decompose other types.
Each have their own focus, writing method and attributes.
Leading tools to Manage Requirements are:

DOORS – The most comprehensive, feature rich and customizable tool in the market. It is commonly used by large organization with complex, multi disciplinary projects.

Manageware sells and implements Requirements Management processes for over 12 years and a wide variety of development organizations.

RRC – Requirements Composer, is a modern, intuitive, web-based solution, which is part of the IBM c/ALM solution. It i very versatile, cool, and quick to adopt. Manageware successfully implemented RRC. We help teams get the most out of it, avoid common Requirements Organization pit-falls, and focusing on correct Traceability development.