ManageWare took part at Jenkins User Conference 2014

Open Source risk profile Services – how to do it right. Yoram Bechler Presentation.

We will discuss the methods of providing a quick and thorough analysis of the security, operational and legal risk associated with open source software (OSS) known to be in use within organizations.


Fast Development Feedback – Manageware 6th Annual Seminar 2013

Introduction on How Fast Feedback is manifested in Requirements Sketching, Continuous Integration, Development Testing and Static Code Analysis, Agile Scrum, Automated Deployment and Application Performance Monitoring.


This demo presents (In Hebrew) how to get fast development feedback from within different aspects of product delivery. Presents by Asaf Kivity.

Guy Ben Porat explains how Appdynamics helps Ex Libris find bugs sooner. See this great presentation, which was held at the 6th Annual Conference of Manageware, December 2013

Tal Avidor explains how Coverity helps Altair to say where there are problems of static code.

Customers Talking about Manageware Assitance in Implementing ALM

Black Duck for breakfast 17.07.14

An introduction to Open Source components, risk management, tools and methods for managing open source catalog and licensing , case studies, proposal of Risk profiling service package.

Risk profiling service package: Risk profiling + 1 hour legal review with Ravia + one time high level overview BlackDuck scan of 50-100 MB of code. 1200$ Special Cost​.




Presentation Haim Ravia


Open source software (OSS) is helping companies develop innovative products faster, cheaper, and more securely — but using OSS is only a piece of the logistical puzzle. Black Duck’s OSS Logistics solution helps companies deliver on the promise of open source by managing its flow throughout the enterprise. Find out how Black Duck OSS Logistics solutions make open source easy to use, easy to love, and easy to manage.